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A true superhero never brags about their achievements and abilities... but we can't hold back any longer! We're bursting to tell you more about all the cool things we do here. It's an amazing thing to make a difference in the life of a child!

We're proud to say our fan club has grown dramatically over the years as more and more people learn about and benefit from the services ChildServe has to offer. But don’t just take our word for it… hear from the people whose opinions REALLY matter: current staff members and the families and children we serve. Be warned: these testimonials threaten to give even the most stoic of superheroes a case of the warm fuzzies!

What families are saying about ChildServe...
"ChildServe is amazing and has been such a blessing to us.  I am grateful they're in our community and available to us."

"We are very happy about the care our child receives. We feel she is in a safe and happy location. The teachers are outstanding and could not ask for more. Thank you to everyone for making both our children feel safe and loved every day."

"Our daughter’s therapists and caregiver are all fantastic. We are SO lucky to have them."

"Overall, we are very pleased and happy with ChildServe and what you've done for our son. He has progressed tremendously and we are so thankful for that. We couldn't ask for anymore right now for him. Thank you!"

"ChildServe helps me to be a better parent."

"ChildServe is wonderful and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Staff share what they love about working at ChildServe...
"We love bringing passion everyday; the creativity is endless and the love for the children is inspiring." – Recreational Therapy

"We get to make different foods and are encouraged to be creative and try new things. We get to decorate for different themes and occasions and it is fun to think of new ways to do that and incorporate fun fabrics and textures, crafts, woods, flowers, ceramics and bring it together with color.  We get to help other departments with appreciations and have fun contests and puzzles and we get to give punch tickets as prizes. I think my department is cool because I personally get to do a lot of my hobbies as my work." – Dietary & Laundry Services

"The staff is great with the children." – Beaverdale Home

"Everyone has great attitudes and loves to come to work." – Finance

"I would say the coolest thing about respite is the relationships that our staff and kids are able to build since they spend so much time together. I also think its pretty amazing the support that we can provide our families…they have so many day-to-day obstacles that most of us will never know. I love being able to give them that break (or provide staff who can give them their break) so that they can be great parents again!!" – SCL/Respite

"All the employees compliment each other and work well with together. We Rock!" – Ankeny Home

"The best part about working here is being able to help families with problems in a creative way." – Transitional Care Unit

"The diversity of all the people working in the department is a cool part of working at ChildServe." – Douglas Home

"The coolest thing about our department is being able to share ChildServe’s powerful story and see the way people respond to our mission—generously and compassionately.  It’s pretty awesome!" – Fundraising

"The people we work with, our style of management from the supervisors– it’s a good atmosphere. The opportunities that we get to take part in make it worthwhile." – Human Resources

"The flexible hours are really nice and we have fun with the kids." – Morningside Home

"Getting to see the children in the hallways (riding their bikes) even though we do not get to work directly with them is such a fun part of working at ChildServe." –Training

"It's great to be able to integrate children with typical learning abilities and children with disabilities in a room together." – Childcare


Believing in the spirit of a child.
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