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Why work at ChildServe? C'mon... that should be obvious. Where else do you get to wear spandex at work?

Ok, so maybe we’re kidding. Don’t let a little lycra cause you to run at mach speed in the opposite direction… it’s actually pretty flattering. It streamlines...

But seriously folks, the staff at ChildServe have devoted their super powers to making a difference in the life of a child. We spend each day, every day working with and for awesome kids… and what are kids best at? Good, old-fashioned F-U-N. Our kids rock at turning ordinary days into I’m- on- cloud- nine- ‘cause- I- just- saved- the- planet- from- a- giant- asteroid type days, and the legion of superheroes at ChildServe can’t seem to resist following their example.

It helps that fun is our number one weapon against ChildServe’s archenemy: the snarly, stinky, scoundrel of a supervillain named Dr. Discouragement. His “kryptonite” is having any sort of a good time- he just can’t handle it! We’ll give it to you straight: if you sign on as a ChildServe superhero, you’ll be expected to exploit that weakness whenever possible.

Still not convinced? Check out this secret footage from the ChildServe headquarters that details what our superheroes do when they aren't off saving the world...

Staffapalooza: An Annual Staff Appreciation Celebration
Run 4 The Kids Promo

Let's face it... In an environment like ChildServe's, you're going to have to try super hard NOT to have fun at work!


Believing in the spirit of a child.
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