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We’ve all been in that situation before. You know the one. The clock is ticking down, time is running out, and if you don’t hurry up there’s going to be a really big BOOM. The only question is… which wire to cut? The red one? Blue? Yellow? Green? White?


While we don't suggest calling with that particular dilemma, our team of highly-trained recruitment specialists can answer other questions you might have. Just send an email to our base of operations at They’ll put their powers to work, plugging into the mainframe to nab you a quick and clear answer.

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Quick! Send us your questions before time runs out. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Our recruitment specialists have the potential to be a real life-saver.

Frequently asked questions

Q:  I would like to apply, but don’t understand if I would be working in a group home or a child’s home.  What is the difference between the departments at ChildServe?
A:  ChildServe has many workplace options for our superheroes. You can learn more about our different working environments by reading about the ChildServe command centers.

Q:  How large of a company is ChildServe?
A:  ChildServe currently has over 1,000 employees, and we are continuing to grow and expand our services to children and families.

Q:  How many children does ChildServe support?
A:  Over 2,000 children from Iowa and surrounding states receive services from ChildServe.

Q. What is the difference between the staff classifications of employment?
A. Full time employment is 60 or more regularly scheduled hours on a continuing basis. Full-time staff are eligible for full benefits.

Part time employment is 32-59 regularly scheduled hours on a continuing basis.  Part-time staff are eligible for pro-rated paid time off and other limited benefits.

Per Diem (PRN) employment is a schedule of hours that fluctuate depending on assignment and staff availability.  Per Diem staff are eligible for retirement benefits.

Seasonal/Interns: These superheroes are regularly scheduled between 1 and 80 hours per 2-week pay period for a specified time period.  Staff are not eligible for benefits.

Non-Exempt/Exempt: Non-exempt staff are paid a regular rate per hour for the number of hours worked during a pay period.  Exempt staff are paid for the work performed and not by the hour.  Exempt staff are not eligible for overtime. 

Q. What types of benefits are available for employees?
A. Full time employees who are regularly scheduled 60 hours or more on a continuing basis are eligible for full benefits. Part time employees are eligible for limited benefits. Per Diem staff are eligible for retirement benefits only. Learn more.

Q. How do I apply for a job with ChildServe?
A. Fill out the online job application form.  When you are finished, click submit.  You will receive an automatic “Thank You” confirmation on the screen if you have input all necessary information.  If you do not receive this confirmation, the application was not submitted.  Check for errors listed at the top of the page in red and correct these errors.  Once the errors are corrected, hit submit again and check for confirmation of submittal.  Once the application is submitted you can expect to receive a call within 3 business days.  ChildServe's organizational goal for days to hire is 30 days. Apply online.

Q:  What population do ChildServe superheroes support?
A: We serve children with special health care needs.

Q: What can I do to increase my chances of being hired?
A:  We've compiled a list of resume and interview tips for applicants interested in what our staff are looking for in the superheroes we hire. Read more.

Q:  I want to apply for a job with ChildServe, but don't meet all of the qualifications. Is there any training offered in the area?
A:  Check out our calendar of local training opportunities.

ChildServe Frequently Asked Questions at a Glance

Q. How do I apply?

A. Online at

Q. How large of a company is ChildServe?

A. Over 1,000 employees

Q. What type of working environment does ChildServe offer?

A. All types, from office spaces, medical wings, and therapy rooms to childcare centers, ChildServe homes and apartments, family homes, and out in the community


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