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At ChildServe, we really are "The Believers" – we have to be.

Succumbing to doubts or accepting disappointment just isn’t an option at ChildServe. Kids show us everyday what it means to be a real superhero, by fighting against and overcoming the odds. They’re the real champions, the real heroes who should be celebrated and adored by the public at large.

Believing in the spirit of a child isn’t just our tagline ­– it’s our way of life. It’s also our promise to families, to ourselves, and to the children we serve, and our every action stems directly from it. We believe children with special health care needs can live extraordinary lives, meet extraordinary goals, and accomplish extraordinary feats... and they don’t have to stop a speeding train or fly faster than a speeding bullet to be a success. The kids we serve do it all in the face of extraordinary odds and that’s what makes them extraordinary human beings. Their stories are a testament to the fact that all it takes is someone to believe.

WE believe we can make a difference. We believe in the spirit of a child. Here’s why…

Superhero Case Study
Kimberly D.
Speech–Language Pathologist

Where other people see challenges, Kimberly sees possibilities.

A child came to ChildServe’s Transitional Care Unit recently after suffering from a stroke. The family’s most urgent request was that the child would be able to eat from a bottle instead of through a tube. Kimberly immediately made it her own goal to see that the family’s wish could be granted. Though doctors were not sure the child would ever be able to use a bottle, Kimberly worked with the child intensively until he achieved the impossible – in only two days!   

This ability to communicate with families and give hope to children is why Kimberly is a prime example of a ChildServe “Believer.” According to her supervisor, “Kimberly doesn’t have ‘give up’ in her vocabulary. She sees possibilities in every child – especially in her field. She makes sure every child can feed, talk, and communicate to the best of their abilities. She knows how to relate to kids from babies to teenagers, and every age in between.”

Kelly E., Inpatient Therapy Manager, agrees. “Kimberly’s motivation comes from seeing kids do well,” she explains. “Her passion for what she does is obvious. She’s happiest when she’s working directly with the kids, and kids connect with her so well because of the energy and enthusiasm she brings to what she does.”

But to Kimberly, all the credit goes to the kids. She’s quick to point out that it’s their determination and hard work that ultimately bring success. She says, “I am amazed by the children I see every single day. Whether a child takes his first bite of food, says his first word, or even discovers his belly button for the first time, every day is an adventure and every small milestone is cause for celebration. I am so grateful to families who invite me into their child’s life to share in these wonderful moments.”

In Their Own Words
Every superhero at ChildServe has a soft spot. For many it's the story of what believing in the spirit of a child means to them.

Connie W., On-Call Scheduler:
To Connie, believing in the spirit of a child means giving the children we serve the type of care she would like her own children to receive. “I would want them to be treated with dignity,” she says. “When I talk to families, I imagine myself in their position and do everything I can to help give them the best care.”

Jessica L., Respite Service Coordinator:
According to Jessica, believing in the spirit of a child is at the heart of her relationship with the child and with the family. To her, being a “Believer” is about giving every child a chance to participate in anything that child wants to do and not limiting his or her options based on what is convenient or easiest. “To believe in the spirit of children is to let them take the reigns of their own lives. There is more than one way of doing things, and sometimes we need to let them figure out what’s best for themselves.”

Marie P., RN:
To Marie, believing in the spirit of a child means making every minute with the child count. Marie works the weekend package, so she tries to make the weekends special for the children by organizing monthly activities. She’s been involved with coordinating a carnival, a drive-in movie night, a slip & slide water day, a holiday party, a leprechaun hunt, tie-dye day, and many more special activities for the children. But it’s the little things, like helping a child get dressed up for her brother’s wedding, that mean the most to her.

Our Mission at a Glance
Mission statement: We partner with families to help children with special healthcare needs live a great life.
Organizational Values: Care, Integrity, Trust, and Partnerships.

Believing in the spirit of a child.
© ChildServe 2009





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