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ChildServe superheroes spend their time keeping a watchful eye over central Iowa, ready to aid and protect children when called into action. Working in sync from multiple command centers, they act as an unstoppable team, making a difference in the lives of countless children throughout the state.

ChildServe Center

ChildServe Center
Administrative Professionals The ChildServe Center at 5406 Merle Hay Road serves as the hub of all superhero operations at ChildServe. Located in Johnston, Iowa, a number of our superheroes work in the areas of accounting, training and development, human resources, and environmental support. These low-wattage champions of detail work diligently under the radar to keep all systems go in a fun, professional, and exciting business environment.

Therapy Gym

Outpatient Therapy and Adaptive Equipment Children receiving outpatient therapy and adaptive equipment are frequent visitors to our not-so-secret sanctum. They provide ChildServe superheroes with daily opportunities to test their agility by dodging these go-getter kids and their therapists as they venture through the hallways on specialized bikes and equipment.

Superhero Corridor

Superhero Corridor The superhero corridor in the middle of the building serves as the headquarters of a skilled contingent including Supported Community Living (SCL), Respite, Communications, and Case Management professionals. These heroes venture out into the community to help children reach their goals, provide needed rest for parents, and ensure that parents are aware of all options available to them so that their children receive the care that best fits their needs and lifestyle.

Continuing Care Unit

Continuing Care Unit (CCU) and Homecare Base Our league of superheroes works with children requiring medical care in two different areas of the main building. The Continuing Care Unit is a bright and cheery place to call home for children up to 21 years of age. Our skilled nursing superheroes provide these medically fragile children with outstanding care. Offices nearby serve as the homebase for our delegation of Homecare professionals who venture off to provide medical care to youngsters throughout central Iowa.

Transitional Care Unit

Transitional Care Unit (TCU) ChildServe's Transitional Care Unit is located in a separate wing, and serves as a place for children to transition from hospital to home. TCU superheroes converge in Johnston to work in the only pediatric sub-acute transitional care unit in the state.

ChildServe Center Ames
This northern-most watchtower of superpower activity contains the services of childcare, respite, SCL, and outpatient therapy. Inside, the building is filled with colorful treatment rooms, classrooms, and children’s laughter. ChildServe Center Ames is located at 1915 Philadelphia Street.

ChildServe Homes
ChildServe Homes
Located throughout our Metropolis, superheroes in these 12 homes and 3 apartments support children to live the most independent life possible. Not unlike your own team at your home, this team of superheroes works with children in the home, at the park, at the zoo, in the grocery store, and any other community forum to teach children how to pursue their individual ideal great life.

ChildServe Childcare Classroom
ChildServe Childcare
With locations on the Johnston and Ames campuses and another headquarters in Des Moines, these ChildServe superheroes offer early educational opportunities and social activities to children in both integrated and specialized daycare settings filled with color, activity, and laughter. Providing TLC to infants, toddlers, and some school aged kids is their special superpower.

ChildServe Locations at a Glance

ChildServe Center (Johnston)
– Administrative Professionals
- Outpatient Therapy
– Transitional Care Unit
– Continuing Care Unit
– Homebase for Homecare

ChildServe Center Ames
– Childcare, Respite, SCL, Therapy
– Northern Hub of Superheroes
ChildServe Homes
– 12 homes, 3 apartments
– Ankeny, Johnston, & Des Moines
– Working towards independence
ChildServe Childcare
– Ames, Johnston, and Des Moines
– Specialized and Integrated care
– Infants to School Aged Children

Believing in the spirit of a child.
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