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Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance... Always a plus.

Life Insurance / Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
As a superhero, it’s just part of the job description to believe that you’re invincible. No one wants to worry about life insurance or accidental death and dismemberment each time you fly off on a new mission. Think of ChildServe’s life and AD & D insurance as your safety net. Even if you can get through the day without destroying mega-robots, dodging stun-gun rays, or performing death-defying stunts while you're out saving the world, know that life insurance and AD & D are two of the many ways ChildServe is here for you... just in case.

Health Insurance
It’s hard to make a difference in the life of a child when you’re home sick in bed. We need our superheroes to stay in tip-top shape if they're going to thwart Dr. Discouragement's evil plans! That's why ChildServe offers full health insurance, with options to fit your heroic lifestyle. Choose from multiple coverage levels to help keep those limbs fully functioning and your body healthy. The kids depend on you!

Dental Insurance
Being a superhero means a life in the public eye. At ChildServe, we offer full dental coverage to keep the clackers bright and shiny for all those photo ops. So the next time someone asks for your autograph, break out the pearly whites and flash that million-watt smile. Guaranteed your fan club numbers will skyrocket off the charts. They’ll never know what hit them!

Vision Plan
Since ChildServe superheroes have x-ray vision that penetrates right into the hearts of the kids in their care, we think vision insurance is a pretty big deal. (We also recognize the power of a pair of glasses in a great disguise.) Whether your eyes are 20/20 or a little fuzzier, our vision plan is sure to keep your peepers in prime condition. The next thing you know, you’ll be spotting danger from a mile away.

Retirement Plan
In every superhero’s reign of power, there comes a day when it’s time to hang up the cape. ChildServe’s retirement plan ensures that you can sit back comfortably and reminisce about the glory days without having to schedule mall visits and autograph signings at the local comic book store to pay for your groceries each week. At ChildServe, we care about your future, and we’re willing to work with you to ensure that you’re set for all stages of life… even after you’ve passed on the saving-the-world gig to the next generation.

Educational Assistance
ChildServe superheroes are the best in their field, and we like to keep them that way! That’s why ChildServe offers educational assistance for employees who want to beef up their knowledge. Hit the books like you hit the weights and kids throughout the state will reap the benefits.

Paid Time Off
Sometimes the key to being a great superhero is learning to roll with the punches… and we think that’s important too. That’s why ChildServe offers paid time off plans for full-, half-, and part-time employees, along with provision for extended leaves of absence. We understand that life happens, whether you’re off saving the world or not.

Long Term Disability Insurance
At ChildServe, we’ve learned from the kids and families we serve that life doesn’t always give you exactly what you’ve planned for. Should you be faced with an unexpected long-term disability, ChildServe will be here to offer a helping hand in the form of long-term disability insurance.

ChildServe Benefits at a Glance
Flexible Hours
– Full Time (60-80 hrs bi-weekly)
– Half Time (33-59 hrs bi-weekly)
– Part Time (32/less hrs bi-weekly)
Night & Weekend Schedule Options
Paid Time Off Plan for Full-, Half-, and Part-time Employees
Health, Dental, Vision, Life and AD/D Insurance
Long-term Disability Insurance
Retirement Plan
Direct Payroll Deposit
Employee Assistance Program
Wellness Program and Fitness Center Corporate Discount
Corporate Rates for Cell Phones
In-service Education
Provision for Extended Leaves of Absence
Bi-weekly Paycheck
Increased Pay for Education and Experience Beyond Minimum Requirements

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